Discovery; The Guilty One

Sienna discarded her rubber gloves. She didn’t
make it to a chair before dropping in a dead faint.

When she woke from her faint, she heard her
phone ring.

It was that ring-tone that Keir had downloaded
onto Sienna’s phone as a joke. It was the song Smoke on the Water. It had been
a joke about Sienna hatred of Deep Purple and Keir’s hero-worship of them.
Sienna answered the phone. She knew it was unlikely she’d ever change that
ring-tone again.

“Hello, Ms. Blacklust. We’ve discovered Keir
Bleaklay’s killer.”

The policeman on the phone told her.

“We believe it may have been James Grint. Your
housemate who Braeden told us about earlier. Have you discovered anything that
may be relevant to the case?”

He asked.

“There’s a swirl of blood in the sink and a
revolver that had been taken out of the gun cabinet.”

Sienna said, her mind in wild turmoil.

She couldn’t believe that one of her closest
friends could have killed her boyfriend. It was like losing Desiree again, only

The police came back, took samples of the blood
in the sink and took away the revolver. While further investigations went on in
the house, Braeden and Sienna were required to stay somewhere else temporarily.

They packed some clothes and things of that
nature, Sienna, as well as taking her own I-pod, took Keir’s. Their music taste
had been so different. She’d complained so many times about how loudly he
played his music, but now she was comforted by the selection of music, though
she cried on the journey to a hotel as Slit My Wrist began to play when she put
the songs on shuffle. Sienna knew it was weird, but she felt close to him, as
the songs that had so often penetrated her daydreams played.

Braeden was crying. He was pretending that he
wasn’t but he was. Sienna didn’t say anything to him about his tears. She

Every movement made or word said reminded her
of times spent with Keir.

The End

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