She knew that Keir wouldn’t have killed

He was so happy about the publication of his
story. He had talked, just that morning, about how he’d save up enough for his
own car once his book began to sell.

Sienna picked up the note as she waited for the
police to get to the house.

Though the writing, at first glance, looked
like Keir’s the y’s were written normally. Kier always drew a capital y that
looked like a yen sign.

This wasn’t Keir’s note.

As Sienna dried the tears from her eyes and
looked more closely at Keir’s corpse, now that the twitching had stopped, she
saw that there was the palest purple bruise on his head. It looked as if the
bruise had just started to appear when he died.

Then, whatever angle she happened to look at
the corpse from, she saw a gold glint underneath his tangle of blue-black
streaky hair.

She delicately lifted a few strands of hair and
saw a bullet embedded in his scalp.

For the first time since entering the room, she
noticed that since she’d turned him over, the pillow had become drenched in

“The bullet must have loosened, allowing blood
to pour out.”

She muttered.

Braeden had let the police in.

She explained everything to them, crying again.
It felt so weird. Real and surreal at the same time.

“I think he was murdered. There’s a bullet in
his head and it looked like he was hit on the head. There’s no way he could
have shot that part of his head himself, could he?”

Sienna managed to tell the police between sobs.
They took Keir’s body away, as well as the knife and the note. Normally, a
suicide case would be discontinued straight away, but they heeded Sienna.

“The note isn’t his writing. He wrote y’s

Sienna also told them, trying to stem her flow
of tears.

“Did you have any contact with the body since
finding it?”

One policeman asked.

“Yes. He was lying face-down but I turned him

Sienna said this calmly enough, given the
circumstances, but bristled with anger. The body! They talked about Keir as if
he wasn’t even a person!

The bloodstained pillow and duvet still lay on
the bed. You could clearly see where he’d lay, the imprint of his body, marked
at either side by a blotch of blood where his cut wrists had been.

Sienna and Braeden sent endless texts to James,
as his phone was turned off.

They wandered around the house silently. Sienna
wished this were some dark nightmare that she’d awake from any minute.

She knew that Keir hadn’t killed himself. He
wasn’t depressed.

Sienna made a silent vow to avenge Keir’s
killer. Even if it turned out the police believed it was a suicide, she was
going to find whoever had killed her boyfriend.

She pulled a pair of rubber gloves out of the
kitchen drawer. She investigated every room.

The first thing she discovered was a swirl of
blood in the bathroom sink.

There was some more blood on the carpet outside
Keir’s bedroom.

It wasn’t long until she unearthed the
diamond-encrusted revolver. Handling it with rubber gloves, she made a mental
note to tell the police about it.

Then, everything clicked together in her mind.

James would surely have come back by now if he
was shopping.

He was a jealous of Keir, because of his
relationship with her.

James had killed Keir.

The End

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