Discovered; Dead


Then James forged a suicide note and left it
next to Keir. He left the knife near Keir as well, but hurriedly shoved the gun
into the drawer of the bedside table.

“Bet you regret stealing my girl!”

James laughed, before washing the blood off of
his hands and heading into town to pretend he’d been gone all along.


The corpse was twitching, small but convulsive
reflex movements and that’s how it was when Sienna found Keir.


Sienna and Braeden came in the front door to
hear loud music blaring. Keir’s favourite song. The suicidal rock song was
almost deafening as they walked in the door.

“I’ll go say hi to Keir. If he hasn’t deafened
himself with that music!”

Sienna laughed, as though she was a parent
talking about her teenage son.

She walked up the stairs to Keir’s room.

Braeden stayed downstairs to look through their

Then he heard a blood-curdling scream that
pierced and penetrated him.

“BRAEDEN! Keir’s…he’s…he’s…dead!”

Sienna’s scream was choked by a sob.

He was lying face down on his bed, shirtless,
wrists slit.

Sienna gingerly turned him over.

His eyes, huge, pale, liquid-blue, like
frost-covered water, were wide open and glassy. He was as still as a stone

She lifted one of his wrists carefully. Next to
the slit, his dragon tattoo was still. You see, Keir once had the idea of
getting a dragon tattoo on his wrist, so that the chest of the dragon was
directly over his pulse. This was a clever idea, as if you looked at it
closely, it looked as if the dragon’s heart was beating.

The dragon was still.

Sienna was sobbing silently as she told Braeden
to switch off the music and find her phone.

Braeden passed her the phone and turned off the
blaring rock-racket that Keir had died listening to.

She called the police.

The End

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