James' Revenge


One Sunday, Sienna was taking Braeden shopping
with her. Keir was staying at home, and James was allegedly going out to some
different shops.

Keir went for a shower and about half an hour
later, James silently crept through the door. The blaring music coming from
Keir’s room camouflaged any noise James made coming in the door, which was

“I’ll bet he never though AC/DC would be the
cause of his death!”

James whispered, unlocking the gun cabinet.

He selected the diamond-encrusted revolver and
a jagged knife with an emerald embedded in its handle.


He had just stepped onto the staircase, when he
heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

It was Keir.

James’ first thought was-

Wow, Keir should really leave a shirt
on, even if nobody’s home. Ugly, scrawny, skinny, tattooed little Emo-boy.


His second thought was-

Ignore the freakiness. Just stab him and


Then a better idea dawned on him.

He would stage Keir’s suicide.

He ran at him and bashed him on the head.

“James! What the f- I mean what the HELL was
that for?!”

Yelled Keir.

“You don’t deserve Sienna! She should be mine!”

James shouted.

“Well she’d have picked you, if she didn’t want
me instead, so put that gun down! Sienna doesn’t want you!”

Keir made a grab at the gun.

James fired it at Keir’s head.

Keir was dead before he hit the ground.

James dragged the body of Keir, who had once
been his friend, into Keir’s room.

He noticed that he’d shot the bullet nicely, it
had caught Keir in the skull, so it was hidden in his streaky electric-blue and
black hair.

He slit Keir’s wrists and put him lying face
down on his bed.

The music was still playing. As if on cue, Man
who Sold the World by Nirvana changed to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, by Black

James gave a shriek of derisive laughter before
switching the tune to Slit My Wrist by Murderdolls.

The End

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