A House And A Tattoo


Sienna was surprised at the pain of tattoos.
She’d seen Keir get one done a few weeks ago, and he hadn’t even flinched. But
then again, he did have so many tattoos he’d received a loyalty card from the

Overall, Sienna reckoned it was worth the pain.
It was nice-looking and the day she’d removed the bandage she’d stared at it
for ages.

About a year later, Sienna had published her
two more books, both as big a hit as the first. She was making a fortune!

So a few weeks later, shortly after her
eighteenth birthday, she began house-hunting.

The three boys were enthusiastic.

“No more sleeping on the sofa!”

Cheered Keir.


Another two months later they moved into a
large house, four bedrooms!

It was in a ‘ghost estate’ though, so they’d
got it reasonably cheap. It was quite near to the apartment where they’d
originally lived, so Keir, as well as sending three of his stories to the
publishing company, and James could keep on their jobs.

Braeden had a well-established career in the
acting industry by now. Sienna was getting books published like there was no
tomorrow and one of Keir’s stories was being published as well.

Keir and Sienna had been assured by Braeden that
James’ crush on Sienna had finally worn off, so they didn’t have to be afraid
of making him resentful anymore.

Or so they thought…

The End

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