Sales were soaring higher and higher week by
week. Sienna’s book was being voted in top-tens in magazines (these magazines
were all over the apartment, piles of them). Of course, you had some haters, as
with everything. Some people commented on how the murders were too graphic, the
take on religion insulting and blasphemous.

For every hater there were about a hundred
fans. As Keir put it-

“All publicity is good publicity. If a kid sees
an article in a magazine about a hater’s reaction to your book. The hater is
probably going to be an adult. As a metalhead I know that kids like to do stuff
that upsets adults. They buy the book to bug their parents. Even if their
parents find it and burn it, it’s still paid for! You can’t be successful
without ruffling a few feathers!”

He’d told her.

In the meantime, James, Keir and Braeden had
finished reading Sienna’s book. They’d all loved it.

The best part was that money was rolling in.

Sienna was doing all sorts of signings and
promotions. These drove the amount of sales sky-high.

Keeping on her job hadn’t really been an
option. She was working on her second book, but Sienna, Braeden, James and Keir
were paying the rent and still had loads of money leftover.

“At this rate we’ll be able to get our own

She’d told the boys, who’d responded to this
with loud cheers.

Sienna was also receiving fan mail, which
excited her greatly.

There was one thing she wanted to achieve

That was being brave enough to get a tattoo.

“You should definitely get one!”

Keir agreed enthusiastically.

“Do they hurt?”

Enquired Sienna.

“The first one is always the worst. Just
remember, they stick an ink-filled needle in you, it’s going to hurt.”

He told her.

“I want to get a tattoo of a burning cross, a
bit like yours only less detailed and smaller.”

She told him, eyeing the tattoo below Keir’s
wrist, the burning cross with the ripped bible and chalice full of poison near
it, his own design.

“I’ll help you design one.”

Keir offered.

The End

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