The Book

Sienna felt sick with excitement on the walk to
the bookstore. She fidgeted hopelessly. Keir seemed nervous for her; he was
chewing on his lip, a nervous-habit of his, and not noticing that it was

Sienna began trying to act aloof, humming
‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ but then stopping in case it was a bad omen.

They entered the bookstore as if they were
walking towards their death. Forgetting to look as if they didn’t care, they
bolted straight for the bookshelves. There it was. Sienna’s book,  Honesty
is a Virtue,sitting in hard-backed version on a shelf.

She gave a small scream, attracting even
stranger stares than the ones that had been directed at Keir when he entered
the shop.

She quickly purchased four copies of the book.
Keir bought his own, but she was planning on sending one to her parents as a
cruel joke.

The Virtue postmen at the gate collected all
post that arrived in Virtue. No outsiders allowed in. Sienna relished the
thought of her parents taking one look at it before flying into a rage. How
beautiful the name Sienna Blacklust looked on the cover of a book!

When they got back to the apartment, Sienna
skipping along joyfully, they tossed James and Braeden a book each.

“Sign them! Go on! You’ll need the practice for
all those promotion events!”

Keir joked, handing her a pen and opening the
title page of Sienna’s book.

Sienna swirled a fancy signature across the
title page of each book.

James headed for work, bringing his book with

“Gotta read some of it during the break!”

He told them excitedly, before dashing out the

“No work ‘til twelve. I wonder if I should get
another tattoo while I wait for Metalizer-Beatz to open?”

Keir said.

“Where would you put it? Wait, don’t answer

Braeden almost got his innocence corrupted.

“On second thoughts, I’ll read some of Sienna’s

Keir decided.

He was drawn into the story right from the
beginning. He read for ages, before Sienna reminded him to go to work.

Braeden had company that day. He was no great
fan of reading, so requested Sienna to read a chapter or two aloud to him. He
was a very good audience.

The End

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