The next few months were spattered with
publication meetings for Sienna, talk of more, smaller acting parts for
Braeden, some more tattoos for Keir, though he was running out of skin to get
them done on, and James being promoted at work.

The day Sienna’s book was to be put on sale,
she was so nervous that she hadn’t slept the night before. The designer who’d
done the cover had been fantastic; the publishing company was a large,
well-known one. Sienna didn’t know why she was so nervous.

She’d woke up at about six-o clock that
Saturday morning. She hadn’t work that day, the shop was being refurbished.
Sienna had walked into the sitting room to find Keir dressed and ready to go to
work as usual. But it was very early and Metalizer-Beatz wasn’t opening until
the afternoon that day.

“I was gonna go down to the bookstore and see
if your book is there yet.”

He’d told her, laughing.

“I’m actually really nervous. I’m not going to
go down to the bookstore deliberately to look for it…”

Sienna muttered.

“We could just happen to decide to walk down
there to get the paper…”

Keir said with a shifty grin.


“And happen to take a look at the new stock of
books on the shelves…”

Sienna added.

“And just happen to purchase a certain
hot-off-the-press novel…”

Keir suggested.

“Let’s do it!”

“Come on!”

They ran out of the apartment, leaving a
hastily scribbled note to James and Braeden.

The End

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