After Party

Braeden was centre of attention, the
thirteen-year-old film star that everyone wanted to get a glimpse of.

There were also a considerable amount of
celebrities there. Sienna had brought a tiny notebook in her purse, and it was
full of autographs by the time they had been at the after-party for about an

The party went on long into the night. Keir had
found heaven. Alcohol, celebrities, autographs, loud music. Hopefully Braeden would
get another acting job soon!

Braeden knew he would look back on that night
as the best of his life!

After Sienna had been dragged away from a group
of young male actors, Keir and punk-boy’s conversation was reluctantly ended,
Braeden had decided it was time to go and James had been rescued from the scary
woman, they were taken home in the Merc.

“I’m so getting a car like this.”

Muttered Keir.

The End

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