Braeden had sorted out his own outfit. He’d
taken some money from the lump sum he’d been paid and purchased a new tee shirt
and jeans. He knew it was casual for a premiere, but heck, he was a star! He
could wear what he wanted.

When Sienna had pointed out the simplicity of
his outfit, he’d retorted-

“If Lady Gaga can wear a meat-dress, I can wear
a simple outfit.”

Sienna laughed at him and told him he was
really cute sometimes.

Braeden realised Sienna was the mother figure
that had given him a feeling of security even minutes after he’d watched his
abusive father being shot.

Come to think of it, James and Kier were like
his brothers. The gang were like a family.

It was exciting when a Mercedes showed up to
take them to the premiere. It was a big deal, a short movie being made into
something big. Apparently there was to be an after-party and everything!

Watching Keir’s fascination with the Merc was
hilarious. Guns, big cars, Sienna was suddenly assured that even if Keir wore
eyeshadow, like he was that evening, he was definitely a ‘real man!’

They were an oddly contrasting group, Sienna
and Keir, the Goths, James who sported his usual ponytail and a denim jacket,
Braeden in his normal-boy clothes.

It almost felt surreal to Braeden that though
Keir, with his electric-blue streaked black tangle of waist-length hair, stood
just a few feet away, a normal looking person like himself was getting all the

To be fair to Sienna, she was getting a lot of
attention from film-stars and actors of her age group. Keir and another
punk-looking boy were involved in a conversation about tattoos, prison and
Murderdolls that James was listening too and trying to make sense of.

Finally, James found someone to talk to. Pity
that the someone was a very scary looking woman of about twenty, who frightened
him a bit.

The End

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