Publication And Premiere


“They want to publish my story! They love it! They
think it’ll be a hit!”

Sienna shrieked, breaking the silence.

Tears of joy were running down her face like
crystal droplets. The boys didn’t understand this business of crying when
you’re happy, but let her have her moment.

“A publication and a movie premiere in one day!
To think a few months ago we were up in the mountains living on goat!”

James cheered.

Then he added-

“I’d better achieve something, can’t be the one
who let the side down!”

He joked.

“Hey Keir! You should send in some of your
stories and see if you get any publications!”

Sienna suggested, though she was slightly
relieved when he said he wasn’t going to just yet. This was her spotlight.
She’d read some of Keir’s work, though he was reluctant to let anyone see it.
She knew he was the better author of the two of them.

It was Saturday, and as none of them had missed
a day of work yet, they’d been given the day off for the premiere with no
trouble at all. Sienna had been saving her share of her wages, and wanted to
see if she could get a nice dress to wear. If all else failed she’d wear her
normal gear, but something new would be lovely.

“Go Goth!”

Braeden had joked.

“You’ll match Keir!”


Sienna had laughed at the time, but when she
saw a reasonably cheap black silky dress in a sale, she decided to buy it.
She’d have enough left over for tights and cheap shoes that way, and if she
didn’t have enough left for some accessories, she’d borrow some of Keir’s
silver skull rings or something.

Sienna was reminded of Desiree as she purchased
a pair of fishnet tights. Desiree, the friend who’d made it possible for her
story to be published.

The End

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