Things Going Well



The following evening when Keir came home, he
was looking extremely pleased with himself.

“Say hello to the new Metalizer-Beatz

He told them excitedly.

“Cool, what’s that about?!”

Sienna asked.

“Well, the manager, Gina, thinks I’d be perfect
for their brochures and things, as I look like this everyday and don’t even
need to bother dressing up. I’ll be paid extra for doing the leaflets and
store-promo stock catalogue covers! And the best part is, she knows a guy who
knows a guy who needs a thirteen year old kid for a short film he’s doing. Wage
depends on the profit, but Braeden could get to play one of the background
characters! I told her about Braeden, and she said to get back to her if  Braeden could act and she’d contact her
friend! This day rules!”

Keir told her excitedly.

Seeing Keir excited was a rarity, so she was
pleased for him. They kissed briefly before calling James and Braeden to tell
them about Braeden’s opportunity.

As it happened, Braeden was a natural at

The next couple of months were busy for
Braeden, but it all paid off when the short-film festival came. Keir, Sienna
and James were invited to the screening of the top ranking movies which Bloodlust, the movie Braeden acted in
came first in!

That meant Braeden got paid a lump sum, and
there was to be a fancy premiere of the movie in a few weeks.

The morning of the premiere brought yet another

When James went to see if they got any post,
there was a letter for sienna.

It was from the publishing company!

Sienna opened it with trembling fingers.

As she read it, her eyes grew wider and wider
until they resembled two huge emeralds.

She wordlessly handed it to Keir, who read it,
eyes also widening with shock, two crystal pools of ice blue water.

He passed it to James, who, in turn, passed it
to Braeden.

The End

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