Finding Work


The next morning had a dreamlike, surreal
feeling to it. The simple pleasures of clean clothes, ironed clothes (even if
to achieve this, Keir had burnt his hands a ridiculous amount of times) a
shower, breakfast and leisurely conversation had been gone for so long it
seemed as if they’d never been there.

Keir, James and Sienna went job-hunting, while
Braeden stayed at home. He reckoned he’d be spending the day in bed anyway!

The manageress of the music store only had to
glance at Keir (Eyeliner, eyeshadow, black nail-varnish tattoos, he looked the
part) and listen to a few minutes of his vast knowledge of music, singers and
bands before giving him the job. The fact that he had no qualifications
whatsoever must have seemed irrelevant.

James had also wowed the pet shop manager with
his extensive knowledge and interest in animals before giving him his desired

Sienna had found out the address of the
publishing company and posted her long, long story. Then she’d gone job-hunting
and found some part-time work in a supermarket. This was useful, as the staff
discount was quite good.

They all started straight away, and when they
came home that night they were tired but happy with themselves. Keir loved the
promo-freebies that were attached to working in Metalizer-Beatz, the CD store.
James was brilliant at helping people find their ideal pet, as his
interpersonal skills were second to none.

Sienna was calm and patient and didn’t mind the
constant enquiries of where an item was and how much it cost.

Their arrangement was to each keep a percentage
of their wages for themselves. The rest went in the house-keeping jar in the

Braeden was a bored, at home alone all day, but
Sienna explained how he, at thirteen, was too young to work, and if he went to
school they’d take him into care straight away. Braeden understood.

The End

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