Getting Sorted Out

They pooled their money and thankfully had
enough leftover for some food supplies.

The lady behind the front desk eyed them
strangely before telling them it wasn’t a hotel and they couldn’t just stroll
in and ask for a flat.

“Firstly we didn’t stroll in, we sprinted
desperately in after weeks of living on goat-meat and cigarettes! Secondly,
we’ve got cash!”

Keir practically screamed.

It was probably the fact that his skinny,
tattooed arms were covered in blood up to his elbows, and that the eyeliner
he’d been wearing (don’t ask) was smeared all over his face, giving him a
demented look, that made the desk-lady rent them a flat.

They tripped up the narrow staircase, bags on
backs, to their flat.

It had a tiny kitchen-living-room, a bathroom
and two bedrooms. There were two chairs and a couch in the kitchen-living-room
but they were threadbare and shabby.

Braeden collapsed onto the sofa, exhausted.
Sienna went to look at the bedrooms, Keir was delighted to be able to charge
his I-pod and mobile phone, while James, probably the most sensible, went for a

Afterwards, they took their remaining money and
bought some food, though they had to drag Keir away from the cigarettes. They
were trying to convince him to give up, as he wasn’t even the right age to
smoke, at seventeen. However, his ID portrayed him as twenty-one so he could
buy what he liked.

Over dinner that night, the four of them
discussed how they were going to pay the rent.

“Well, I’m going to apply for that job at the
CD store, I saw a sign on the window on the way to the store advertising jobs.
It would be my dream job!”

Keir told them.

“You fit the image anyway!”

Smirked Braeden.

“I’m going to post my story to the publisher’s
if I can get the address. maybe I’ll get lucky!”

Laughed Sienna.

Then on a more serious note, she told them
she’d check around for jobs.

“I also saw a sign for jobs. It was in the
window of that pet shop near the store we went to. It’d be cool to work there.
I’ll go by tomorrow and see if I can get the job!”

James told them.

Braeden however, would be staying at home in
the flat or going for walks around town once he became more familiar with the
area. He was too young to work.

“Well, we’ll have plenty of money for the rent
and food and all that, if three of us have jobs!”

Sienna said cheerfully.

The bedding arrangements was the next thing.

“You and Sienna share.”

Smirked Braeden to Keir.

Keir’s response was to hit Braeden hard but

“Sienna can have one room to herself, as she’s
the only girl. There’s two mattresses in the other room, you take one, James
can take the other and I’ll take the sofa.”

Keir offered.


Braeden agreed.

Sienna was sent out for washing powder, as she
was the only one who knew what it looked like. They put on a load of washing.

The next problem was drying. Braeden came up
with the idea of draping the clothes over the tops of the doors. From one
cupboard in the kitchen, they unearthed an iron. After their job-hunting
clothes had been prepared, they took turns in the shower and went to bed.

The End

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