Ending The Journey


Keir had heard bits of Sienna’s muttered
conversation and felt happy in one sense. At least he knew she liked him as well.


James had heard almost all of the conversation
and felt resentful. Sienna didn’t seem to like him as much as she liked Keir.


Braeden felt caught in the middle of the
tangled love-triangle. It was going to be a long journey…


It seemed that there was no real beginning to
Keir and Sienna’s relationship. It just sorted of…happened. They’d been keeping
‘that sort of thing’ for times when they weren’t being watched by James and
Braeden. Then one day Braeden saw them and had thought nothing of it. But another
time James had seen and taken it badly.

Sienna and Keir were oblivious to this.

They thought he seemed more aloof and quiet
than was normal. He was usually the chatty energetic one.

Days became weeks but still their journey
hadn’t ended. James was becoming increasingly bitter and resentful.

“I’m beginning to think we’ll starve to death
before we get to the other side of the mountains.”

Sighed Keir.

“Don’t think like that! I hate all this stuff
about death!”

Sienna murmured partly to herself as they walked

It was another two weeks of near-starvation
before they caught a glimpse of the other side of the mountains.

Braeden had seen the peak. They’d rushed, in a
sudden burst of energy, to the peak and then passed it. They’d ran down until
the trail became treacherous, then camped out, then worked their way down,
repeating the process day after day until they reached the bottom of the

Sienna had burst into tears of joy when they’d
reached the woods marking the bottom of the mountains.

They’d cheered with total happiness (even
Keir!) and ran through the woods for hours.

They were so thin from weeks of living off
scraps of meat and bits of grass that Sienna’s clothes would have wrapped
around her twice, Braeden had to punch another hole in his belt, James’ tee-shirt
was slipping off of his shoulders and Keir, who’d been skeletal to begin with,
looked like a Goth version of one of those starving children from T.V

On reaching the town, they caught a bus to a
block of cheap flats. They attracted rather strange from the other passengers
on the bus, because of their ragged, skeletal appearances, but they ignored

The flats were small and grubby, but the gang
hoped to rent one cheaply.

The End

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