A Goat Is Shot

Braeden was constantly woken by nightmares of
his father, of the blood pouring down on him from Desiree’s throat, of the
sound of the gunshot, of the night tied to the radiator and days of abuse.

Keir and Braeden were very similar in a lot of
ways. Keir’s family hadn’t liked him not believing in any god. Keir needed
solid evidence to believe most things. The sheer amount of blind faith and
belief needed to be religious didn’t appeal to him.


“Well, things could be worse.”

Braeden sighed.

It was the next day and though the four had
water, it was literally the only thing left. Sienna had given in and smoked, as
did Braeden, and James had threw away the last box, he couldn’t stand to watch
three gradually starving individuals smoke until they dropped dead.

Kier managed to shoot what looked like a mountain
goat, but could have been some other specie. It was quite funny trying to watch
him cook it. Sienna had done most of that last time, but now she insisted that
it was Keir’s turn. He looked quite dangerous, blood up to his elbows. His hair
was matted with blood (The goat’s, his own and probably someone else’s) and he
was becoming short-tempered and impatient with everything he did.

“It’s days like this I wish I’d done home

Keir sighed.

Finally they got a bloody lump of raw meat
each. It was too cold at the top of the mountain to start a fire, but they were
so hungry they would eat anything.


Muttered James.

“Shut it, tree-hugger, it’s all we’ve got.”

It was more the blood and angry look that
silenced James, than the tone in which Keir said it.

Braeden and Sienna were discussing Keir in
muttered tones.

“He likes me too?”

“Yup, you like him?”


“He’s kinda scary…”

“Don’t be silly Braeden!”

“He looks like something that should be in the
mosh-pit of a heavy-metal concert, from what I’ve heard about heavy metal

“I sort of like the Gothic type…”



“I’d better tell James to get Gothed up then…”

“He likes me too?!”


“Imagine what I could do to guys if I could
just get some clean clothes and wash the blood and muck out of my hair!”

Sienna was somewhat happier knowing she was
lusted for by two guys. She liked Keir but wondered how she should go about
letting him know without embarrassing him or disappointing James. Then she
giggled to herself. They were in the middle of the mountains, surviving on raw
goat-meat and all she could think about was the guys! Life was messed-up!

The End

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