The Beginning Of Lust


“Surely he’d like some weird-looking Goth-girl
who doesn’t find it weird that he carries guns around and has tattoos of the
names and faces of heavy-metal singers all over him?”

James had thought to himself.

Sienna was slowly beginning to find herself
concentrating more on Keir than whatever it was he was saying. There was
something she found both miserable and frightening at the same time in the ice
blue of his eyes. She wanted to stare into them until she was lost in the pale
blue. His eyes showed abuse, misery, strength, coldness and a million other


The journey was becoming almost impossible, and
they hadn’t found anymore mountain goats.

“Seriously, I’ll go back and find Braeden’s dad
and eat whatever’s left of his body by now!”

Muttered James.

“Wow, Keir’s converted you from vegetarian to

Smirked Sienna, though she too found
cannibalism tempting.

“Yeah, that’s me. Keir Bleaklay, converting
vegetarians since nineteen-ninety-whatever.”

Retorted Keir.

clothes were hanging off of them from days of near-starvation and there were
all of three boxes of cigarettes left. Keir was ‘saving them’ but he’d gone off
them since a few rather disgusting incidents.

Sienna almost wished she were back in Virtue.
She’d be in school, oblivious to the dangerous world outside.

No, she wouldn’t.

She’d be lying in an earthy grave with her
throat cut out, murdered by Braeden’s father.

The End

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