The Stream


Luckily, a day later, after covering good
ground they came to a stream.

The small luxury of being able to wash
themselves and have as much water to drink as they wanted was heaven to the
four of them.

Sienna expected the washing to be an
embarrassing affair but they were so desperate to scrub the residue of mud,
blood and dirt off of themselves that they didn’t care who saw what. Keir knew
that they found his tattoos ‘creepy’ anyway, so he got a little bit of fun out
of the fact that James flinched if he so much as glanced at one of the more
graphic tattoos.

Sienna wasn’t going to admit that she found the
hundreds of tattoos dotting his pale arms and shoulders darkly fascinating. Not
in a ‘stalker-ish’ sort of way, but being brought up in Virtue, where there
were no tattoo parlours, she found the idea of being able to permanently
engrave pictures on your skin intriguing.

The twelve scars on Braeden’s back stood out
gruesomely. Parts on his back were still red and shiny from the night spent
tied to the radiator. Scars he would have to wear for the rest of his life, a
permanent reminder of his past, full of abuse.

Braeden and James conversed secretly about
something James knew about. Keir’s secret longing for Sienna.

James wasn’t happy about it, but not letting on
about his jealousy.

Why couldn’t Keir find some creepy Goth girl?
Obviously they were scarce in the mountains but still…

Sienna had thick hair that was more red then
brown, a small, thin build, trusting green eyes that were wide and fringed with
thick black lashes.

She didn’t seem like Keir’s type.

The End

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