Keir was feeling slightly shocked. Even though
he was up there with the best as far as gun handling was concerned, he’d only
ever shot rabbits before. Killing a person felt too unreal, like the sort of
thing he wrote about in stories, not like a thing he would actually do. He
tried to relax himself by telling himself that the wicked man didn’t count as a
human, and was better off dead.

“Braeden, I’m sure you don’t want to go back to
Virtue. Would you like to come with us?”

Sienna offered.

“Thanks Sienna! I can’t go back to Virtue! Not
after everything that’s happened…”

He took them up on their offer straight away.

After clearly marking Desiree’s grave in every
way possible, the four of them walked back to where they had left their things.

After the day’s events, they decided it would
be better to just stop where they were for the night. They pitched the tents,
working out the tent-sharing arrangements, as Braeden didn’t have his own,
Keir, in an uncharacteristic act of kindness shared his.

“He reloads bullets into weapons at around
midnight, so don’t make any sudden movements.”

Muttered James.

Sienna laughed.

“No, I’m serious! I had to share a hostel room
with him once! I woke up and noticed he was over near the window and I was all
like ‘whatcha doin’ Keir?’ and he got scared and we were lucky that all the
guests in that hostel were heavy sleepers. Also, no one noticed the bullet-hole
in the wall!”

James told Sienna.

Sienna and Keir got along really well. Sienna
couldn’t help being fascinated by his strange appearance and personality.
Beneath the tough exterior he was a really nice person, or as nice as you can
expect a pierced, tattooed, hair-dyed, chrome-toothed Goth-boy to act.

Tattoos were a particular topic of interest.

The End

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