The three ran quickly to see what was going on.
A grassy area of the mountains was ahead, thick with leafy trees and shrubs.

Keir, James and Sienna ventured in, hiding
behind a large bush to see what was going on.

Most of the field as far as the eye could see,
was divided into earthy squares, a sliver of grass dividing them, weeds growing
out of most of the further away ones. The nearest ones were square pits in the
ground yet to be filled.

A young boy of about thirteen, scrawny, and
dirty with green-grey eyes full of fear and a white-grey tear-stained face
emerged from the bushes, dragging the body of a young girl emerged from another
clump of bushes.

His hands were stained with her blood and he
looked scared and sick.

He dropped her into one of the earthy, square
pits. Tears were running down his face. He mourned this girl he’d never known.

A man in white, blood-stained ceremonial robes
also emerged from the bushes.

“Stop your snivelling, Braeden! These are evil
people, the filth beneath the feet of the holy people of Virtue! You will not
mourn for Satan’s people!”

The man in the white robes said forcefully.

Then he wandered back into the bushes.

When he re-emerged he was dragging a struggling
sixteen year-old by the hair with one hand, and holding a short sword in the

“Let me go, you murderous bas-“

Desiree was silenced by the knife being held to
her throat but only momentarily.

“You don’t scare me.”

She whispered.

Keir, Sienna and James, crouched behind the
bushes, were frozen with fear.

Keir seemed to sense from Sienna’s shock that
it was Desiree.

His fingers tightened around the diamond
encrusted weapon until his knuckles went white.

He was just about to shoot when Desiree’s
throat was slit.

The young boy, Braeden, had to hold her limp
body until she stopped shaking and her eyes closed. Then her body began
twitching. Blood was still pouring all over Braeden.

Keir tried to escape from the fear that was
freezing him. He lifted the revolver and fired a bullet at the man in the robes
just as Braeden dropped Desiree into the last grave.

There was a stone in front of each grave, with
a number chalked on each one.

Desiree was number 666.

The End

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