“We’re headed for the other side of the
mountains. We were up for execution in Purity and this was the only

James told Sienna.

“Execution? Purity?”

Sienna stated questioningly.

“Yeah. Holy city, real strict, wouldn’t even
sign my ‘save the killer whale’ campaign; yet they claim to be so good. Keir
and me were against the idea of the catholic religion. Were both sort of
Atheists. So we were on a final warning. Then we went mad in church and it was
the last straw. They were gonna shoot us.”

He explained.

“Towns like that everywhere, Purity, Halo,
Fidelity, Virtue…”

Goth-boy Keir listed off the ones he could
think of.

“Virtue? That’s where I’m from!”

Sienna told James and Keir.

“Really clamping down in Virtue! Shooting
people as sacrifices if they’re ‘evil’ all the time!”

James said in a conversational tone that didn’t
fit the situation.

Realisation clicked into place in Sienna’s

“They’re going to shoot Desiree. Later on today
they’re going to shoot Desiree.”

She gasped, feeling faint.


James and Keir asked in unison.

“Come on, let’s keep walking and I’ll tell you
as we go along.”

Sienna offered. The journey needed to be quick
as possible, but they knew it would be long and treacherous; hiking upwards and
then downwards without getting injured would be awfully difficult.

They exchanged stories; Keir and James also
being passionate about the world of literature understood Sienna’s circumstance
very well. James’ field of work was journalism. Keir wrote dark murder
mysteries, horrors and thrillers. He also had a folder of his work with him.

By the afternoon they had covered a reasonable
amount of ground. They had just stopped for a break when a gunshot sounded in
the distance. Then a little shriek of pain.

The End

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