Sienna let herself back in the front door, as
climbing up the roof was out of the question. Her parents spotted her straight
away and she was sent back up to her room furiously.

Sienna tipped the books out of her schoolbag
and packed a few items of clothing, her notebook and manuscript, pen, a spare
notebook with all the pages still blank, her remaining money, her dog-earred
copy of Carrie and left room in the
bag for food. When she was finally allowed out of her room, she smuggled an
assortment of food into the bag, and as soon as her parents were in bed, Sienna
stole as much cash as possible, feeling slightly guilty but not as bad as she
thought she’d feel.

As she crept out of the house, she felt a frightening feeling of the
world outside being enormous and unknown.

                  She found Desiree at the
front-gate as promised. Desiree had a large bag of useful items for Sienna.
Apart from a miserable exchange of greetings at the gate, they walked in
silence as far as the gates separating them from the outside world.

Right outside the gates was a battered red

“Hey Al! I’ve got Sienna with me!”

Desiree called to the guy inside the truck.

“Cool. I’ll drive her up to the mountains.
Sooner she escapes that place the better.”

Al said.

The two girls hugged, choked by tears.

“Good luck Sienna. Remember, 666!”

Desiree whispered.

Sienna hugged her friend and got in the truck.

Al was thirty-six, a tall, muscular build. He
had long sideburns and green-grey eyes that were fixed on the road with a
glazed look.

talked to Sienna cheerfully, not picking up on the ‘I’m-leaving-everything-I-know-I-don’t-want-to-chat’

“Desiree’s a good kid. Pity about what them
so-called holy-ones are gonna do to her.”

Sighed Al.

“What are they going to do? She’s acting real
weird and won’t tell me anything. She just keeps saying to remember 666!”

Sienna confided.

“Well, if you don’t know I ain’t gonna be the
one to tell you. It’s gruesome stuff kid, not the sorta thing I wanna be
talkin’ to you about.”

Al told her.

He wouldn’t tell Sienna anything. No matter how
much she pestered him he remained adamant.

The road became bumpier as they drove through
the mountains. Al was a good guy, because as soon as Sienna got out, he made
sure she was able to set up her tent. It was a very easy case of putting a few
stakes in the ground but he said he didn’t like the thought of leaving her in
the dark and cold with no tent up. Thank goodness it was a simple tent.

The End

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