Desiree's Warning

Sienna climbed onto the window-ledge. She
carefully felt her way down the roof, grabbed the drainpipe and shinned her way
down it, thanking her lucky stars that she was light and skinny.

landed neatly on the ground and ran all the way to Desiree's house.

                           She knocked on the
door and Desiree answered.

She immediately tugged Sienna inside and
dragged her upstairs.

“Sienna, you’re going to think I’m mad but you
need to leave Virtue tonight. Pack a bag, I’ve got some stuff you’ll need to
take. Bring some clothes, steal money from your mom and dad if you haven’t got
any, pack your story in a plastic folder so it doesn’t get damaged. Tonight, at
around twelve I’ll be outside the front gate of your house. I’ll take you up to
the gates to the outside world. I know a guy who’ll drive you to the mountains.
Like I said, I’ve got some stuff for you, camping equipment I found in my
parents’ shed. One of those tents that practically puts itself up. You’ll be
roughing it until you get to the other side of the mountains. We’re in huge
trouble. You need to leave.”

Desiree told Sienna in a quick, panicky voice.

“What about you?”

Sienna asked.

“It’s too late for me. While you’re around the
mountains, just remember 666. That’s all I can tell you.”

“What happens when I get to the other side of
the mountains?”

Sienna murmured, scared and confused.

“I don’t know, kid. All I know is that you’ll
be safer than you are here.”

Desiree gave a hard sigh.

“I’m sorry I have to make you leave, but if you
stay here then you’re in trouble.”

Desiree added.

Sienna said she’d go home and pack, completely
forgetting the whole reason she’d come to Desiree’s house.

The End

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