The next week was very, very eventful.

It all started that weekend.

Sienna walked downstairs, bleary-eyed, hair a
tangle as it usually was on a Saturday morning.

Her parents were at the kitchen table, reading
a letter. Their faces seemed to be getting paler and paler as they read, until
they were waxy grey.

“Sienna Blacklust, I hope you have a very, very
good explanation for this letter!”

Kevin, her father snarled.

Her mother was looking quite faint.

Kevin began reading out the letter; his large,
greenish-grey eyes fixed on the letter with a cold glare.

“To Sienna Blacklust. We received your story
and read it, but will certainly not be publishing it. It was blasphemy in the
highest order, and complete filth. We, at Virtue Publishing Press, couldn’t
believe that a sixteen-year-old girl would be capable of writing such vile, unclean,
innocence-corrupting material. You should be deeply ashamed. Only a heathen and
child of Satan could write such a manuscript and describe it with pride as her
own. Yours sincerely, Virtue Publishing Press.”

He read out.

Sienna felt a surge of fury.

Religion over talent strikes again.

“Sienna, we told you, no more writing unless
it’s good and God-fearing.”

Her mother sharply reminded her.

“I don’t believe in god.”

Sienna told them, swallowing hard and staring
straight past them. Then she looked her father in the eyes and said it again.

“I don’t believe in god.”


Her parents couldn’t have looked more shocked
if she’d pulled out a gun and shot them there and then.


Her father roared, face going from deathly pale
to purple-red in an instance.

Sienna, feeling a scary surge of recklessness flipped
him off, and ran to her room and locked the door. She looked at her bedroom
window. She could definitely climb out of it. Maybe if she was very careful she
could get out onto the roof and shin her way down the drainpipe? Dare she?

Sienna wasn’t sure. It seemed dangerous.

It was better than waiting for her parents to
come and beat her, as beating children to teach them discipline was now

The End

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