Stricter Laws


It was a few weeks later when Sienna was
watching the news that Desiree was proved right about the religion rules.
Before, rock and heavy metal wouldn’t have been liked but now the CD’s were
illegal. A block was being put in every TV and computer so that the range of
sites and channels were severely limited. Alcohol was illegal.

That very evening, her parents poured any
alcohol in the house down the drain and unplugged the computer and television
so they wouldn’t view anything they shouldn’t until the block was put in.
Sienna watched, green eyes wide, as the red wine circled the drain. It looked
like blood. It wasn’t like her parents to waste wine. These religion laws were
obviously very serious.

Sienna found it easy to adapt to life with no
TV or computer. She was working hard on her novel, the notebook’s free pages
becoming scarcer.

Her writing would have made her parents pass
out. Even in the outside world it would have been considered controversial. She
was adamant on seeing if Virtue’s publishing company would publish it though.
She couldn’t see this happening. Not so long ago, she’d learnt that in Virtue
it didn’t matter how talented you were. If you were different, if they didn’t
understand you, you were an assistant of Satan.

The End

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