Once back in Virtue,
Sienna invited Desiree back to her house. She knew she had about an hour before
her parents came back, as they both worked late on Fridays and Wednesdays.

It was fun leafing through the books they’d
bought, listening to the CDs and reading the back of the DVD boxes.

“We could watch them over here on Saturday. Mum
and dad will be out with friends.”

Sienna suggested.

“Sounds great! My parents won’t give a damn
where I am as long as I’m not causing trouble. They’d kill me if they knew
about the movies but still, do I really care? Life is for living, you’re not
meant to spend it worrying about where you’ll end up after you’re dead!”

Desiree told Sienna earnestly.

Sienna agreed one hundred percent with the last

“You end up in a coffin in the ground, that’s
where. No wings, no halos, no clouds, no fire. A hole in the ground and a
polished mahogany coffin if you’re well off, an ash one if you’re poor. The
quality of afterlife isn’t about what you did while you were alive, it’s about
how wealthy you are.”

Desiree stated, eyes ablaze.

“Thanks for the great day, Desiree!”

Sienna said gratefully.

“No problem. Now, I’ve heard some talk that
they’re enforcing stricter religion rules. Promise me you won’t turn into one
of those irritating little bible-belters.”

Desiree said in the same low voice she’d used
when she’d told Sienna the strange code of numbers.

“I promise.”

Sienna solemnly promised.

Sienna was still wondering about what would
become of the bible they’d stolen but didn’t press the matter.

Desiree walked home, feeling happier than she
had felt in a long time.

The End

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