Day Out Of Virtue


As soon as they caught the bus, Desiree began explaining everything
about the outside world, what to look out for, the best places and everything
else you could ever wish to know.

                           Sienna was
practically jumping up and down with excitement when they arrived at their
stop. Desiree immediately pulled her towards a small second-hand shop.

“You get some great bargains here! Books really
cheap, DVDs, videos, CDs, everything! We’ll check out the big shops afterwards
but I’ve a few recommendations for you.”

Desiree told Sienna.

Desiree rooted through a pile of books before
handing her a copy of Carrie by
Stephen King.

“I’ve seen the movie but the book is always
better. You’ll love it, and it’s quite cheap, second-hand.”

She told Sienna.

She also passed her a few other horror novels;
some murder mysteries and some film-noirs and horror movies.

After they paid for their books and DVDs, they
headed for the large newsagents nearby. In Virtue with only a weekly church
newsletter, the abundance and variety of newspapers and tabloids surprised
Sienna. Desiree bought a few cheap magazines, the sort that told stories about
ordinary people and not celebrities. Sienna was fascinated by a stand of fancy
notebooks. She didn’t hesitate to buy her favourite one. It was hard-backed
with a glass-jewel-studded clasp to close it with. It had a red, orange, white
and gold themed picture of horses on the cover. Sienna was also lured into
buying a fine-tipped pen for her writings and illustrations.

Desiree was more interested in sci-fi novels and after she’d purchased
three, she bought a compilation of rock and metal music in the shop across the
road. A while later, after picnicking in the town’s park, they decided to call
it a day. Sienna could confidently swear that it had been the best day of her

The End

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