Ready To Go


Lunchtime was fun that day, after the matter of
the false alarm was dismissed as someone setting the alarm off accidentally.

When Friday morning came, Sienna shoved her years of saved-up pocket
money and birthday money into a pocket in her small schoolbag, packed some food
and left, as if she was leaving for school as normal.

                          She saw Desiree near
the school gates; a small bag like Sienna’s slung over her shoulder.

“All set, Sienna?”

She asked excitedly, eyes glittering.

“Definitely! This is gonna be great!”

Sienna felt nervous and excited as they walked
some distance to the edge of Virtue. Huge, wrought iron gates, ornate and
carefully crafted. Sienna had never seen this exit out of Virtue before.

“We just slip through the bars, walk a little
way, about twenty minutes if we hurry, then get a bus into town.”

Desiree explained, tossing her dark curls.

The two girls walked on, chatting about their
plans for the day as they went. Desiree wanted mainly CDs and a new sci-fi

“How d’you hide them from your parents?”

Sienna had asked as she tied back her red-brown
hair, irked by the way that it was getting in her eyes.

“Oldest tricks ever. Every house had a loose
floorboard. I’m sure at this stage builders are installing them specially!
Shove them under the floorboard, or if you don’t have a loose floorboard, get a
little bit of tape and fasten them to the back of your bedroom furniture. I’ll
look after your stuff for you if you can’t find anywhere to hide it.”

Desiree offered her advice and storage space
freely. She might be a bit headstrong but she was very nice once you got to
know her.

The End

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