Burning Art


She chased them down to the kitchen, screaming
at them, taking in the angry looks on their faces, the smell of sulphur as
Kevin lit a match, the crackling of fire on the cheap paper as her work burnt.
She felt as if her heart was breaking into two mangled, bleeding lumps of
pulsating tissue and muscle.

In her entire life, Sienna Blacklust had never
felt so lividly angry and miserable at the one time. She didn’t want to be
consoled; she wanted to be allowed to sink into her pit of depression until she
was strangled by her own suffocating sadness. She didn’t want to release her
anger, she wanted to lock it inside her broken heart so that it could give her
the courage to help Desiree with her bible-burning scheme, venture outside of
Virtue and write her book. Sienna’s name would one day be on the glossy cover
of a book, she was sure of it.

The following day at school, Desiree told
Sienna what the plan was.

“I’ve figured out how we’re going to do this.
First you ask for a hall pass at half-past twelve tomorrow, just before class
ends, so plenty of people will be in the corridor a couple of minutes
afterwards. Then you come to my class, the other second-year class, two-two, and
say I’m wanted at the principal’s office. We head in that general direction,
the fire alarm is near there. We wait until there are plenty of people in the
corridors, then we hit the fire alarm. When the principal comes out of the
office I’ll go in, you just have to be the look out. A loud scream is the
signal for someone coming in our direction, but hopefully we won’t need it.
I’ll bring pins in case we need to pick any locks. Understand?”

Desiree confirmed the plans with Sienna.

“If everything works out then we’ll head for
the nearest town on Friday and have a bit of fun. All you need to bring is as
much money as you’ve got, and something to eat so we don’t have to waste money
and time on food in a café. Your ‘rents are at work first thing in the morning,


Sienna clarified.

“Great, we’ll have a brilliant time. I’ll forge
us some sick-notes and get one of those weirdos who think they’re rebels to
drop them in that morning!”

Desiree grinned. Both girls were excited about
their day outside of Virtue, though Desiree had been on such trips many times.

The End

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