An Invasion of Privacy

Sienna was fidgety and jumpy until home time.
She had a feeling that she shouldn’t tell her parents that she was now hanging
out with Desiree Lauper. Most of the inhabitants of Virtue knew about the
twice-expelled Desiree and the trouble she caused at school and at home.

When Sienna did get home from school, she
noticed that the garden was remarkably neat. It was always neat, as her mother
was particular about keeping the house and garden shiningly clean, but this was
just ridiculously neat.

Also, when she entered the front door, she was
almost knocked out by the scent of air-freshener, fabric-spray, floor-polish
and other ‘clean’ smells. Sienna was almost afraid to touch the sparkling
surfaces, for fear of staining their perfect, shining wood, glass, marble and

Sienna ran straight up to her room, as she
normally did. She halted at the door, on seeing her parents poring over sheets
of paper.

“Hi mum, hi dad!”

She greeted them, slightly puzzled at why they
were reading in her room. She skipped over to them and saw what they were
reading. They’d discovered her pages of stories she’d spent so long writing.
They’d discovered her secret passion.

“Mum, dad, those are kind of private.”

Sienna said shakily.

She wasn’t embarrassed of her
anything-but-god-fearing writing. You should never be embarrassed of your own
work. She was just mad at this invasion of privacy.

Her mother, Dianne, stepped forward, slightly
nervous but determined to be strict.

“Sienna darling, we have no problem with you
writing but not this...this…this blasphemy!”

Dianne struggled to find the words to describe
Sienna’s writing. In the town of Virtue, bad things could happen to people who
wrote that sort of thing.

“But I love writing! Why should I stop writing
what I’m good at? It’s a talent!”

Sienna shrieked.

“There’s nothing talented about insulting your
religion Sienna.”

Her father, Kevin said sharply.

“Put my writing down and get out of my room.”

Sienna said, voice low and shaking with anger.

“Sienna, calm down. Let’s go downstairs and
discuss this sensibly.”

Dianne offered.

“It won’t be discussing. It’ll be you telling
me in a variety of different tones that I’m not allowed to write. So hand over
the writing or things get nasty. I don’t want to have to hit my own parents but
I will if I have to!”

Sienna told them, glaring.

“I think we’d better get rid of this.”

Kevin said in a grave tone.


Shrieked Sienna.

The End

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