The Plan


Desiree offered, eyes gleaming, not deceitfully
but happy that someone was finally going to go against the blind faith and lies
of Virtue.

“What do you want help with? I’ll do it,
whatever it is, but I still want to know the details.”

Sienna told Desiree, slightly firmly.

“That’s fair. You see, I want to get my hands
on that big, leather-bound bible in the principal’s office. Then I want to burn
it, rip it apart and burn it. But I need a look out and I know those three
idiots who think they’re all rebellious will chicken out, or worse, snitch on
me to a teacher or something. I’m not asking you to steal it for me; I just
need you to be part of my plan. You’ll just have to do a few simple things and
you’ll have earned a day out of Virtue and as much information as you want on
the outside world.”

Desiree offered her proposition hopefully but

Sienna was a good judge of character and knew
that there were no second chances with Desiree. You either accepted or you

“Okay. Sounds fine.”

Sienna agree, pulse racing. She was about to
break the rules for the first time in the worst way she could imagine.

“Great! I’ll discuss the plan with you in
greater detail tomorrow, same time. I’ve got it all sorted out, do exactly as I
tell you and we’ll get away with this!”

Desiree told her, as the bell rang and everyone
dashed in the direction of the school for their last few lessons of the day.

The End

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