Sienna had recently found out, through
something her parents had said, that there was a publishing company in Virtue.
This interested her greatly. No one knew of her passion for writing. She wanted
to write something different from the books of moral-filled stories lining the
classroom bookshelf. She wanted to write something free and spirited and
rebellious. She knew that such books must exist outside of Virtue. Sienna
yearned for information though.

And she knew where to get it…

Desiree wasn’t the easiest person to approach.
She was unpredictable to the point of being insane but an icon for the few
wannabe rebels. Sienna was desperate for information though. So on the rare
occasion where there wasn’t a row of the school’s few wannabe rebels following
Desiree, Sienna walked up to her, trying to adopt a confident air.

“Hello Desiree. Can I please talk to you?”

Sienna asked, trying to sound offhand and
casual but failing.

“Sure Sienna.”

Desiree replied.

Sienna was delighted that Desiree knew her

“Well, the thing is, I just found out that
there’s a publishing company in Virtue. I love writing but I don’t want to
write one of those bible-worshipping, sickening little books.”

Sienna told Desiree, voice dropping to a
whisper as she glanced sideways across the yard to where a teacher was keeping
an eye on the games.

Desiree followed Sienna’s gaze and laughed.

“You shouldn’t care so much what they think.
I’m glad you haven’t let your head be filled with the lies they teach us here.
You write your book Sienna, and I’ll take you outside of Virtue for a day, so
you can get some proper books, to help you figure out your story. If you’ll
help me out with something, that is.”

The End

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