Broken Sleep

      One by the fire, a young woman who had to be no older than sixteen, and a quick blow with the spear butt dropped her to the ground. She had been kneeling by the fire, peacefully warming her hands.

     Taking a another quick glance he noticed the rest were asleep; one snoring loudly whilst lying on a sheep skin draped across the floor; another curled up in a ball by his side. The first was on old man; his shoulder length hair knotted and greying and his face marked with scars from a previous life. He would be no good. However, the second was a pretty thing, older than the first woman but she’d certainly do. She was much younger than the man, about thirty, and would have a good few years left in her yet.

     Passing a small ladder, created from sticks crudely bound together and allowing access to a storage shelf above, he levelled his spear point with the old man’s chest and thrust it forward in one quick motion. For a second, the Selurie’s eyes sprung open, shock and pain registering on the dying face as the now very open mouth tried to draw in air. But spear point, retracted with a good firm yank, had pierced his ribcage and the effort was futile. The brief fight for life fleeting from him, the old man dropped back as if asleep once more.

     Quickly he dropped to his knees, releasing his spear to clamp one leathery hand over the woman’s mouth. Equally surprised as the other, she tried to punch out in an instinctive reaction, but the grip was firm and held her struggling form down easily.

     “Keep still or I will kill you.” He growled, but this neither halted her resistance nor quietened the constant muffles that she tried to issue from her lips.

      For a second he pondered whether she was worth it or not.

     Shrugging he quickly grabbed one of the clay pots that sat by the fire and slammed it against the side of her head, breaking both vessel and skin alike. Finally she lay still.

     Looking up, he saw two of his men had entered both eager to get to work.

      “Take these to back to the others and meet us at the next house,” he grunted, pointing to the unconscious women, “but gag and bind them first.” He stood, making his way to the door, “I don’t want them coming round and screaming the place down.”

     Exiting back into the night, he waved the third warrior to follow without looking back, “Come, we have work to do.”

The End

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