The Graduation

Lilly sat in the audience, feeling a sense of profound joy. The cool summer breeze caressed her face as she watched her older sister,Laura slowly walk up the ramp, through the makeshift stage, and right in front of the podium that was baring a hefty old man with what was left of his hair swallowed up by gray. Next to her, was another man, tall and in his forties with hair like charcoal. He gave her a large piece of paper rolled up in a shiny, blood colored ribbon. Laura took it and walked to the podium yielded by the old man. She stood, cleared her throat, and looked at another piece of paper that she kept folded in her long, black, satin gown.

This was one of the happiest moments that was ever witnessed by Lilly. After all, she was a thirteen year old girl whose sister had been always put down and disliked simply because she was autistic. The past four years were beautifully easy to Laura as she neared her senior year, then suddenly, the autistic girl not many people liked, became valedictorian. Now as she started her speech, Laura seemed indescribably excited to Lilly. She was so happy that she needed to take a few deep breathes until she calmed down. Then, in the bright summer sun, with absolute attention from the audience, She began.

"When I was only a small kid", She began with her recorded sounding voice,
"I was different than I am today. Yes of course I was smaller, but I was still different; I could not talk, learn, or even let people touch me. It was a hard life. But now, after my mother saw me listen to cello and we both fell in love. Te next day, my journey to become who I am today began. Now people look at me and are not pitiful or  judgmental. Instead, they feel glad and excited for me and even a little jealous. I feel confident and I am even in love. So next time you shake your head and feel bad for an Autistic girl or boy remember me. But not just me, while your at it, remember Jane Austen, Stephen Spielberg, Temple Grandin and all those ordinary people. But they are also special, unique, successful, and Beautifully abnormal. This is me. This is normal. This is Autism. But this is also a human being like everybody else. Thank you.

As Laura nodded her head and left the podium, the whole school erupted in complete noise. The noise of respect.   But to Laura, it was the noise of noise, and Laura hated it as if it was cancer. This was noticed and Lilly, Laura and moma all left to laura's party.



The End

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