Bright lights shone in  Bambi Charlton's eyes as her face quickly reached the same luster. An idea had slowly took place in her mind as she remembered Laura all through the years of teaching her. "The best way to help Laura is to surround her with  the things she loves" She thought to herself as those words played over and over again in her slightly lighter head. 

"Well hi Connor, my name is Mrs. Charlton. I am Ana's and Laura's orchestra teacher and well..." She took a deep breath, relaxing her self, " And I think you should try Cello. You know, you're new here and all so it might help to be involved." Connor's face took on a very confused expression as if he didn't like the idea. Bambi still refused to relent.
"C'mon," she took a cello from the rack and gave it to Connor. "Sit down and let me, Ana, and Laura help you. Don't forget that this the first time you tried you cello so he or she might not sound very good." Ana also seemed confused but Laura just smiled and gave that expression that only meant one thing; Laura was going to quote her favorite movie.

"Let's turn on the juice and see what shakes loose" she spoke almost automatically but still had a smile in her voice as she started to giggle. Ana understood and started to laugh as well; being friends with a girl like Laura meant that the conversation subjects were limited so very quickly, Ana had watched every Tim Burton movie that exists(usually with Laura) until she knew every line by heart.
"We have come for your daughter, Chuck!" She and Laura giggled and while Connor just stood there, to confused to speak.  Finally, Bambi interrupted with a... 
"lets get started guys, we don't have much time and we have lots to do."

For the rest of the day and their lives, Ana, Connor, and Laura were closest to eachother as they ever could. But Connor still didn't know about Laura, and that needed to end.

The End

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