The True Begining of love

Laura looked at the boy, Connor was his name. She liked his name as it swirled around in her brain. She smiled through her tears. She laughed becuase she suddenly felt happy and this seemed funny to her. She liked this boy. Why wouldn't she considering that by now she only had one student-friend and this boy was being so different than everyone else. The boy looked at her and smiled.

"Wow," he said, seeming surprised "You have a wonderful nose" Laura, surprised herself, wrinkled her nose; she was not used to all these random comments.
"Well," She felt she had to contribute as well; "You...I like your shirt pattern" she spit it out and she felt embarrassed. She wasn't used to this sort of thing. Conversations she started to feel strange again, eerily disconnected. She felt as though many people were watching her like she was trying to save the world from aliens or some other completely illogical thing.

"What's your name?" he asked "I could add you on Facebook."
She spoke up, she would hate to disappoint him but...
"I don't have one of those. In fact, I don't really know what it is."
His lips turned from a crescent moon to an upside-down crescent moon. "well"  He did seem sad.
"oh!, Connor, I am sorry I don't have a Facebook! But my mother has a scrapbook with a picture of my face in it. Does that count?"

Suddenly Connor's face lit up and a gigantic smile stretched across his happy looking face. He began to crack up and laugh.

"Oh Laura! It's perfectly fine! I mean Facebook is for people who have a lot of time on their hands and want to talk on a computer instead of real life. But you are different. You see, your too busy talking to me and beating the teacher at Biology." Laura giggled and suddenly the office secretary walk in from her break to talk to Connor as Laura's counselor finished talking to Mrs. Dormizter about class.

"Who is that?" asked Ana as they quietly welcomed a new addition to the duet of slightly lonesome girls during lunch.  The boy had brought his own lunch like Laura who preferred naked hot dogs and macaroni and cheese with grapefruit juice for lunch.
"That is Connor." Announced Laura as if she had some thing to be proud of. "He is new here and were are in the same biology class." Then she smiled. "I think he is my friend!"
"Laura, I am your friend." he politely reminded her.
"I know" She shrugged "But I wanted to run it by you first" Connor chuckled.
"That is all very well and great..."
Ana broke in "But, Laura, we have a lesson the second half of this period, remember?"
"Yup!" was all Laura had said before she finished her juice. Then, a tiny, mischievous smile crawled over Laura's face. "I suppose that Connor can watch like I used to, right?"
Ana sighed. "But you couldn't talk then. that was the only reason they would let you, Laura." Finally, they got to the orchestra room with Connor in tow as they had decided to ask if Connor could watch. But Mrs. Charlton had a better idea.


The End

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