Two People

Connor Thompson made his way through the crowd. He had just moved to a new town in New York from Ohio. He was used to wide open spaces so the cramped town of Victor was no welcomer. Appernetly this school wasn't used to new people because he was being encircled by jocks, girls, nerds, and dudes alike including obviously apreciating girls.

He finally got to his next period almost panting. Biology was one of Connor's favorite subjects and he felt confident in this new class now that he had left that stampede behind. The teacher, Mrs. Dormizter, showed him his seat; right in front and on the side.

His partner was a girl, but she was different than everybody else. In the hot september sun, many girls wore shorts that made you squirm with discomfort; she wore a pair of white khakis and a simple blue knit shirt. She had no makeup, her hair was long and looked as though she didn't worry about it, and unlike anyone else, she seemed completely and totally into the lesson. But that was different too; when one person was looking up at the teacher, hand in air, pencil in hand, book or binder in lap or the space on your desk. She would be the opposite with her head in a book on the other page or playing with her pencil or drawing in her notepad one second, and correcting the teacher the next along with the perfect answer to the quetion at hand.

As he sat down, he was shot many looks of sympathy along with interest of "the new kid". The girl seemed terrified as she looked at him and at his face. Connor was embarssed, confused, and attacked but he kept taking notes much faster than the girl who seemed to have her pencil move at the pace of a snail which suprised Connor. By the half of the period, she randomly stood up, packed her things, talked to Mrs. Dormizter and left all while acting like a deer in the head lights. This whole thing was so strange to Connor.

He had spent the rest of the day wondering about that girl. As he walked to the office at the end of the day, waiting for the teacher, he saw the girl. She was sitting in a chair with her hands on her ears as she rocked back and forth. She had a completely stressed out face like she was being acused of murder with little pearls of sweat dangling on her worried face.

Connor, being a perfectly kind, loving kid, sat next to her. "hey" he said softly, "Are you okay?" She looked at him like he had fifty heads
"Why...Why did you sit in that seat?" Connor was confused

"no one sat in that seat since the beginning of school, and I don't even know you. Everybody is talking with each other and you are just sitting there, staring at me. It's so strange!" She started to hyperventilate.

"Well, " Connor thought out loud. " I am sorry about staring. My name is Connor Thompson. Now just tell me your name and we will be fine. You will be my first friend here. You like that?"

The End

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