Laura's first friend

Ana Lawrence was late as usual. She hated being late as much as she hated her classmates. She hated how her classmates were all the same as they yapped about their clothes and perfumes and boyfriends. She hated how she was the only one in the whole school who actually cared about her future.


She walked into the music department of her school and got her cello from the rack while trying not to be more of a problem to her blunt, intimidating, and sometimes just plain, old rude orchestra teacher. But he wasn't there. Instead there was this other teacher. Ana asked her, she said that she was replacing him. Her name was Miss. Charlton. Suddenly, that trying to please changed into pure joy. Ana found that she played much better because her fear was gone. She left that lesson feeling like the best cellist in the world.


The next day, Ana went to her lesson and got right to work. But something was different. There was this girl that Ana had seen before in school there with her aid. She was rolling around on the floor and making noises all through out Ana's lesson. Suddenly, miss. Charlton gave her own  cello to Laura to try to teacher something, which took the rest of the lesson.  

She loved it. The girl couldn't stop plucking. And when it was time for lunch, they had to "drag" her to the cafeteria.

The next day Ana and the girl were introduced as stand-partners. The girls name was Laura, and in orchestra that day, she was either distracting or angering all the students but Ana. And for Ana, Laura had changed her life.


The End

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