Laura Greyson, an autistic girl, is introduced to the cello by her mother when her mother notices her love for music. And what was once a way to relax her, the cello helped her learn to talk, care for herself, and plants her with a job at the London symphony orchestra.

Laura walked to the large cluster of chairs at the center of the very spacious and greatly enormous room. Charlie, her best and most understanding friend, was there with her that day, gently resting between Laura's arms as she hobbled about, looking at all the weird instruments, the harps and the clarinets and the big drums and all the people with their friends they all seemed so into their conversations that they didn't notice Laura and Charlie.

It was about time for Laura and Charlie to have their own conversation start. The boss, Mr. Botten, had the most peculiar friend, just a little stick, but that stick made all those conversations, which to Laura had always made her feel very overwhelmed sound beautiful. It was like one big speech, like -what Laura liked to call "partners"- were all saying to anyone close and lonely...

"Come feel better and listen as we show you our Joy, despair, love, greed, humor, and any other feeling that exists"

Laura looked at the beautiful clean sheet of paper with those familiar designs that always get Laura excited when she is only thinking about all those things that fill up her mind and head with life. She began to feel happy; glad that all these feeling were happening to her. Then Charlie told her he wanted to talk. They practiced their

lines. They practiced their lines until Mr. Botten and his friend told them to stop. Then they made happiness.

They made music.

The End

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