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Lydia Rowanarke, Marik Piotre, Zef Lissandre, and Astor Kai, are 4 insanely unlikely friends. In their world of Faliene, the people of this world are just coming out of a Centuries War. With the inhabitants of this planet divided by race, it is very rare to see mingling of the Elves, Humans, Shades (shape-shifters in a sort), and the Liyn, unless a large festival or happening with the Royal Family is going on. 

Humans- Your semi-average people, just like in real life. Except, also drastically different. This is the race of Lydia (wavy brunette hair mid-back, hazel eyes, one dimple, caring/ambitious/daring personality), as well as the Royal Family.

Elves- Varying lengths of pointed ears, purplish/blue skin tones, glowing eyes. These beings have an acute atonement with nature and animals. This is the race of Marik (pale blue skin, medium pointed ears, bright green glowing eyes, deep purple hair, sweet/shy personality).

Shades- Your not so average shape shifters. Instead of morphing into whatever animal, the Shades can only transform to their family's inherited animal. This is the race of Zef (gryphon, golden eyes, tan skin, black hair, snakebites/double lip rings, bad boy personality).

Liyn (pronounced lynne)- This race rose as a result of the Centuries War. They are an angel/demon hybrid, capable of acting as both the little things on your shoulder. This is the race of Astor (white(default, poker face) ear length shaggy hair, red eyes, hair colour changes with personality: happy=yellow/orange, sad=carribean blue, panic&fear= forest green, mad=crimson red, eyes go black when mad).


The whole reason why the races are so divided, is because of the Centuries War. This colossus event was started by a power struggle between the Humans and the Elves, eventually roping in the neutral race of the Shades. As the war started to dwindle down, dark magic reared its ugly head from somewhere within the Human race, birthing the new and terrifyingly powerful race, the Liyn. These demigod resembling creatures were manipulative, but also helpful, giving away several secrets of the fighting races.

With a new wave of death, destruction, and impending extinction of Humans, Elves, and Shades, 5 beings descended from the Heavens with intents on stopping the war on Faliene. They claimed to be the Makers, the ones who had created this lovely world in which was facing obliteration in its face. The 5 entities were described to have bodies made of stars, with galaxies holding them together at the joints. To the people now, they're called Celestials.

The Celestials tried their hardest to stop the races from fighting, to stop the death from happening, but their efforts were futile. An Elven mage by the name of Calan Baradhamon, forged a staff with the souls of those who had fallen victim to the Centuries War, and began charging towards the Celestials. As Calan plunged his weapon into the ground at which the Celestials were standing, their star bodies exploded and galaxies vanished, leaving a different colour beam of light exploding from the core, differing from each one.

The elders who survived this, now highly protected by the Royal Family, described those beams of lights as the Celestials souls. With every piece of lore regarding the Centuries War locked in a vault bound by the most powerful spells, the people of Faliene are nearly clueless, the Celestials existence enshrouded in mystery.

~Story Description~

The yearly festival to celebrate the beginning of the Summer Solstice has begun in Faliene's capital city, Garigill. Lydia acts as a fire maiden, using her aspiring mage skills to help put on the festival fire-shows. As she's taking a break, Lydia is showing some children a small spell when it shoots off and fires into the arm of a passerby. The passerby just so happens to be our Elf, Marik, and thus the meetings begin...

The End

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