The Past


My dad stopped the van outside our new apartment and got out. Next to him, I opened the door and stepped out, looking at the building right in front of me, my home to be.   

"Stop staring! We've got loads to bring in, come on!" My dad said.


I sat in my room, all the boxes were in, but not one of them were open. I thought about the cosy house of the small town we had left only yesterday. Was it really only yesterday? I asked myself. Time seemed to have stretched out ever since Mum died. Mum was our only source of income, partially why we moved to New York. Dad was obviously heartbroken, but he didn't want to let me down, he found a job as a journalist in some magazine. My life completely changed, a new school, mumless, and friendless. I've never had a computer or a mobile phone, we've never been able to afford that much. My only friend was my closest friend, and now that I've moved out, I've lost any connection with everyone. High School, first year of high school, I would be the one who sat in one of the empty tables. Lonely.


First day of High School, I walked through the gates and immediately a guy comes up to me  

"Hey, hot girl, are you new? Wanna go out some time?"

I blushed, I was trying to make a good first impression, I suppose I was scared of being alone. I was wearing a tight tank top with a short denim skirt and wedges. Dad was doing great business and our income was better than when mum was here. A couple of girls in my class came over to introduce themselves. It probably won't be that bad, I thought to myself.

Soon, I had my circle of friends, they all had great figures and were fashionable. That's not who I was, but I was scared to be friendless, scared to be the loners that sat on the empty tables on their own.

I made myself a mask, and I wore it everyday to school. I only took it off when I came home, and only then, would I change into my favorite tracksuits and t-shirt, whether it was fashionable or not. I was getting more and more used to the mask, and losing the self that I used to be. Then Dad came to school one day, with some associates, and my new identity, Kyla Nicholl. Kyla was a popular girl who turned into an actress in the time of one signature on a contract. Where did Amanda go?

The End

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