Celebrity Obsession Ch. 4

Destiny: OMG! Look yall Justin is going to to be coming to this mall on the 29th 
Jessica: What is today?
Megan: Today is July 16th
Jessica: OMG! 
Destiny: Okay, so im about to call my mom to come get me anyone else? 
Jessica: So am I
Megan: Same here
Narrator: All of the girls called  there parents and in more than a few minutes Destiny's mom arrived...
Mom:  So how did your day go? Did you have fun?
Destiny: Yes I did mom
Mom:  What did you get?
Destiny: I went into Hollister and got this pretty dress. 
Mom: Thats awesome, you'll have to show me when we get home
Destiny  Okay, so mom today I found out that Justin Bieber is going to be coming to the  mall and is having a cd signing.
Mom: What time is it and what day is it on? 
Destiny: Its on the 29th and is at 4:00
Mom:Im not so sure about that  hunny. I dont get off work until 5:00
Destiny: But mom I have to go to this.  Hes going to be signing copies of his new album and maybe doing a performance.  Please mom
Mom: That sounds nice but I wont be off work
Narrator: While  the word spread quickly that Justin Bieber would be at the mall, A little while  later they arrived at home...
Destiny: Mom I really want to go to the cd  signing
Mom: I know baby but I have to make sure that I can be home to take  you
Destiny: What if Megan or Jessica takes me?
Mom: You know how I feel  about you riding with other people Destiny
Destiny: I know mom but... 
Mom: Destiny dont but me. I said I will do what I can
Narrator: Destiny  sighs, walking up to her room and closing the door. She then calls up Megan and  Jessica on 3 way.
Megan: Hello
Jessica: Hello, Smith residents 
Destiny: Hey you guys
Megan: Hey whats up Des?
Destiny: Nothin 
Jessica: Yeah whats up, you sound down
Destiny: Did you guys talk to  your parents about going to the cd signing and performance yet?
Jessica:  Yeah im allowed to go
Megan: Yeah im going, how about you?
Destiny: My  mom is not sure yet
Megan: Aw man that sucks Des
Jessica: Ohh so thats  whats bothering you, sorry Des why cant you go?
Destiny: Its not that I cant  go for sure, its just my mom has to make sure she can be off work to take me.  How come you both get to go?
Megan:Oh, not that again, I dont understand why  your mom doesnt just let you ride with one of us. My mom has to work but my dad  is taking me.
Jessica: My mom is off work
Destiny:I know right 
Jessica: Well I guess the only thing you can do is wait to see whats going  to happen
Destiny: I know but I really want to go to this. Its going to suck  if I dont get to go with you guys.
Jessica: Awwww
Megan: We hope you get  to go Des
Destiny: So what are you 2 doing?
Jessica: Well Im doing Home  Work
Megan: Im just listening to music about to go to bed
Destiny: Okay  well ill talk to you guys tomorrow
Jessica: Okay Bye
Megan: Bye 
Destiny Later
Narrator: Click! As soon as Destiny hung up she got on her  laptop and started looking at pictures of Justin and checking his Twitter.  Before she got a chance to check his Twitter, her mom called her downstairs...

The End

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