Celebrity Obsession Ch. 3

Narrator: The bell had rang to go home. When Destiny went home, she watched TV  then played on the computer for a while. Before she knew it, it was 5:40 PM. She  walks down stairs...
Destiny: Mom can you take me to the mall before 6:00? 
Mom: Who are you going with?
Destiny: Jessica and Megan
Mom: Your  going to the one close to home right? Do you need money?
Destiny: Yes and  Yes
Mom: How are they getting there?
Destiny: Their parents are bringing  them
Mom: Fine, yes you can go
Destiny: Ill call you
Mom: Okay, come  on
Narrator: It took them a few minutes to get to the mall. When they got  there Jessica and Megan were there waiting.
Mom: Hi girls (yelling out of  her car window)
Jessica: Hi Ms. Cooper
Megan: Hey
Destiny: Bye mom,  love you
Mom: Bye sweety
Megan: Yah were here
Jessica: Lets go  inside
Destiny: I want to get some shoes
Narrator: They go inside and go  into Lady Foot Locker
Megan: OMG, these are cute
Jessica: Look at these,  Should I get these?
Destiny: I dont like those
Megan: Let me see, what  size do you wear?
Jessica: 61/2
Megan: These are 51/2, you cant fit  these
Narrator: Everyone laughts
Megan: Lets go look at clothes yall, I  dont really need shoes
. Even though I seen some really cute shoes in here! 
Destiny: Me niether
Narrator: They walked around for a little while then  made there way to Hollister
Destiny: Look at this shirt, it says "Single  *During Spring Break" Lol
Megan: I think im going to get some sweaters. This  Royal Palms Beach sweater or cardigan or whatever its called is cute haha. 
Jessica: There stuff in here is to high
Megan: Girl quiet complaining  and just look around or sit down if you dont wanna buy nothin haha.
Jessica:  Where am I going to sit? I cant even see in here
Narrator: Megan and Destiny  laughts
Destiny: This Zuma Beach Dress is kind of cute
Jessica: I like  that, I should get it. Then guys would be looking at me.
Destiny: Whatever ,  who?
Jessica: Eric
Destiny: I thought you said he wasnt your type 
Jessica: Hes not
Destiny: Then why did you mention him?
Jessica:  Because he was just someone I named
Destiny: Whatever you like him, dont  you?
Jessica: No
Megan: Yes she does
Jessica: Shut up who was  talking to you? Lol
Destiny: Oh (being an instigator)
Megan: haha  alright, Im ready to pay now
Destiny: Me too
Narrator: While the girls  paid for their clothes, they didnt know that they were in for a huge surprize.  After they paid for their clothes they started walking towards the door and out  and then...

The End

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