Celebrity Obsession Ch. 2

Megan: Des why didnt you call me back at 4:00 yesterday? We were supposed to go  to the mall you know?
Destiny: I did, you didnt awnser
Megan: Whatever,  dont talk to me
Destiny: What?
Megan: You heared me
Destiny: How are  you going to g...(getting mad)
Megan: Des I was just kidding (cutting her  off)
Destiny: Oh, dont do that (in relief)
Megan: Lets go to the mall  today
Destiny: No
Megan: Yes, please you have to
Destiny: Fine 
Megan: Stop playing all the time
Destiny: What? After you just freaked  me out
Megan: (laughts)
Jessica: Lets go at 6:00 PM
Destiny: That  sounds good to me
Megan: Okay, oh did you guys hear about what Justin did? 
Jessica: No what?
Destiny: What?
Megan: He was having a water  balloon fight, joking around backstage and he threw a water balloon and hit a  state trooper.
Jessica: What is a State Trooper?
Destiny: A State  Trooper is someone who like pullls you over for going to fast and stuff. 
Jessica: Oh
Megan: Anyways (laughts) He almost arrested him just for  that but Justin's body guards talked him out of it.
Destiny: I heard about  that
Jessica: That would of been stupid
Destiny: Thats what I thought 
Michael: You guys are still talking about Justin beaver?
Destiny: Oh no  he didnt
Jessica: I know
Destiny: Your just jealous because he looks  better than you and sings better than you. Then on top of that he is sixteen and  he is already one of the biggest Pop Stars.
Michael: No im not, His voice is  too high, He doesnt know how to sing and he just doesnt have any talent. 
Destiny: Whatever, He taught himself how to the piano, trumpet, acoustic  guitar, and drums.
Megan: And hes never took singing lessons before 
Michael: Well he should have
Jessica: And he does know how to sing  stupid
Destiny: I call that talent (getting in Michael's face)
Megan:  Yeah, and your voice use to be high and FYI he is going through puberty. 
Destiny: He still has a high-pitched voice (laughts)
Michael: No I dont 
Jessica: Yes you do
Michael: Wow, he still sucks (walking away) 
Jessica: Well, I see you guys at the mall at 6:00, my dad is going to drop  me off.
Megan: My mom is going to bring me
Destiny: Okay, ill be there 

The End

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