Celebrity Obession Ch. 1

Destiny is a girl who dreams of meeting Justin Bieber. Every song he made she heared it. Every show he was on to every concert he had she seen or was there.

Mom: (Ms. Cooper) Destiny, come down here its time for dinner.
Destiny: Okay
Narrator: 5 minutes had passed by
Mom: Destiny (yelling)
Destiny: Here I come mom
Narrator: Destiny was in her room on the computer seeing if Justin had updated anything in the past hour. She has his Official Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace pages.
Mom: Come now please, before your food gets cold.
Narrator: Destiny ran down the stairs.
Destiny: Sorry mom, I was looking at Justin's twitter page. He updates his twitter like everyday.
Mom: Sweetie, why are you so obsessed with that little boy?
Destiny: Mom
Mom: What? (In a happy way)
Destiny: He's cute, he has pretty teeth, his hair looks so soft, he has pretty eyes, and...
Mom: Okay Okay (laughs) Your only 15 now
Destiny: (laughs) Did you know that he has invisible braces and he blow dries his hair?
Mom: No I didn't know that ( saying it surprisingly)
Destiny: Yeah, I read it in a magazine yesterday
Mom: Just because you see things in a book doesn't mean its always true, you know?
Destiny: Yes. I really didn't think the whole braces thing was true because I seen Brenda songs from the Suit Life Of Zack & Cody with invisible braces in a picture and I could see hers. You just have to look really close.
Mom: Maybe they came out with a new kind since then. You said he has straight teeth right?
Destiny: Yes. Perfect (laughs)
Mom: Well honey, You better be getting to bed. Its 10:00 and you have school in the morning.
Destiny: Good Night mom
Mom: Good Night
Narrator: Well Destiny and her mom went to bed for the night and the next morning Destiny was at school. It was 8th period and she was in study hall.

The End

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