Settling in

“Right ladies, you have an hour to find your room and settle down and then I want you to meet back here. Have fun!”

After Mr Smith had dismissed us we went to find our rooms. Rebecca and I found our rooms really easily. We had a spacious room, with two really comfortable beds, oak wardrobes, a full length mirror and bedside tables. I opened one of their draw and found a small bible tucked away at the back. Hmm, I may have to read that later, if I want to get into the mind-set of this trip.

Rebecca entered the room and chucked her iPod on one of the beds with a force that hinted she was annoyed.

“Everything okay is Rebecca world?” I questioned, in a voice that suggested I actually cared.

Rebecca huffed and kicked her suitcase under the bed, “No, of course not. Christ, this place is a dump!”

I looked around, “Firstly,” I said, “Do not say ‘Christ’, he can hear you you know. And secondly, I think this room is quite pretty.”

Rebecca chucked herself on the bed, “No, Eileen, it’s a dump. Only you would be able to convince me to come on this holiday. I mean, the walls are bare…”

“…there’s a nice picture of a sunset over there…”

“…there’s mould everywhere… “

“…so the wallpapers old…”

“…It smells like a pig sty in here…”

“…didn’t till you came in…”

“…and were here with our whole year…”

“…I…yeah, I actually can’t argue with that one…” I said.

rebbeca sighed, "why should we even bother coming. Neither of us are religious."

"I could be," I said, "I haven't decided yet. Besides, that's not the point. How many people in our year do you think are religious?"

Rebecca did not answer. She got up and inspected the view from the window, “well at least it’s a room with a view. I told you we should have gone away together on our own holiday. We could have been in a different country by now!”

I snorted, “Yes, between the pocket money we get we could have gone backpacking round China and still have time to catch a meal in America. Rebecca this is a school trip, the fun isn’t handed to you, you have to create it.”

I spun my arms to emphasis this, but Rebecca just laughed. I sighed. Sometimes my best friend did not get me at all.

“Yeah, whatever,” Rebecca said, “I’m sure Mr Smith will make this holiday very exciting.”

I smiled, “Yes, I’m sure he will,” and I turned to the window, with a glint in my eye, to admire the view.  

The End

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