The Clockwork Monsters

So, there I was minding my own business in the tower. Watching for bandits got boring, and I called the mage girl, Tara, up for a few lessons in magic. She never could say no to me. Stepdad's wine is what really got the lessons going, and I was going to see them through. In retrospect, if I hadn't been all up in her dark magic, I would have seen the approaching disaster. Lives would have been saved, an entire vineyard would not have gone up in those infernal flames, cast by angry torches in the night; I had no regrets. 

"Ziel, it's been six hours. Don't you think we should check the horizon?" Tara was exhausted, but I was only just beginning. Her nagging was a precursor of things to come. I heard shouting down below, so I reluctantly peeked over the side of the tower. What I saw would perplex and haunt me for years to come. 

Fiction made flesh was the only way I could describe it then, and even that wasn't enough. I saw them, those nondescript terrors of my youth, in their tattered, red, old army uniforms, brandishing their jagged scimitars. I knew the scum when I saw them; bandits. They were back to finish what they'd started. It was true. For all the placid days in peace I'd spent here, it was all a lie. The bandits were amassing their forces all along. 

But they came with an added catch. In a huge line that could dwarf a mighty king's army, the highwaymen had defied fate and fused with the very twisted mechanisms they used to terrorize the countryside. 

Tara coined the term "Mechs."

"Mechs?" I said. It didn't exactly roll off the tongue, like her, but it would have to do. 

Soon, the mech, with a resounding, thunder-like sound, shot a colorful light right under us.

SHOOM! went part of the town. It was gone. Obliterated. Made for to be no more. Gone. You could say it wasn't doing so well. Then their right arms opened up, releasing a flurry of arrows, ripping through the flesh of fleeing townsfolk. It was a disaster, much like this date I had to do something! As I ran down the stairs, I caught a glimpse of another attack. The mechs shot out flying contraptions from sacks on their backs. The metal spears flew into the air and zeroed in on the town. Sands! 

The End

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