Cave of the Vulture King

Boy goes on camping trip stumbles into underground temple and experiences horror beyond belief

It was another scorching hot day for Kaden and to make it more miserable, he was mowing the lawn, or more appropriately mowing the weeds for the 3rd time that month. The summer rains usually started in the afternoon then came back later in the night, often waking Kaden and keeping him awake till dawn. This summer break for “K” had already started off crappy. It was the first summer break with mom’s loser boyfriend living with them full-time. The “man” was a fat slob who demanded his dinner at the same time every day guzzling beers all night burping and belching like a hog until he would pass out on the couch in front of the TV. Kaden had often even wished he were still in school especially since lard ass was there all the time since the loser had lost his construction job “ fat lazy ass” thought Kaden. Mowing the lawn and taking orders from the fat man was not Kaden’s idea of a summer break and the upcoming trip to Calabasas Island was a sure escape from the hell “K” was suffering at home.

          The frontier adventure club had been around for years and Kaden had joined when he was in the third grade, now headed into the 7th grade he had over 3 years of adventure club experience. Mom was leery about Kaden going away to an island in such a small group of frontier adventure club members. The group was small only 12 kids and 3 adult leaders to supervise, but after much begging and pleading mom finally said yes and Kaden was ready to go !. The cost of the trip was 65 dollars which he had saved up with Christmas and birthday money. As the day got closer for Kaden to leave, his enthusiasm was too hard to control “ you sure happy about that stupid trip you going on” snorted fat ass “yup sure am” replied “K” “and happy to get away from you, you fat smelly ass!”. Friday couldn’t get there soon enough “oh man I just cannot wait” thought “K”.

          The night before the trip Kaden ate dinner early so he could check and re-check his things for the trip everything was packed and ready to go. That night Kaden laid in bed his mind wandering through thoughts of excitement, anxiety and confusion as the idea of being away from home rolled around in his head. Surprising enough Kaden finally drifted into sleep and dreamed the weekend adventure that awaited him…….a weekend adventure he would never forget.

          The next morning Kaden’s alarm clock went off pulsating in his head like an atomic bomb. Finally, he thought finally its time. Grabbing his clothes and putting them on as fast as he could K ran up to the front door were mom was waiting , “bye dear be careful”, “ ok mom !!” and before any ideas of loss could enter his mind , the frontier adventure camo van pulled up. The ride to the marina was slow and bumpy. The other boys were loud and annoying, cursing like sailors and enjoying their new freedom from their parents. Some older camp leader brought a dog, her name was Millie and she was a raggedy old mutt of a dog that unfortunately took a liking to K, “dumb smelly old dog” K thought. As the van pulled into the marina parking lot K caught a glimpse of the big tuna can of a boat they were all going to take over to the island. Geez what a pile of crap K thought.

          The boat ride was fast and rocky, two boys threw their guts up will the camp leaders smoked pot and laughed. Kaden had smelled pot before, mom’s jack wagon of a boyfriend was smoking one night in the back yard with his loser jail-bird buddies and it sent mom into hysterics. Setting up camp was quick and easy which turned out to be a good thing due to the fact that the scout leaders were virtually useless in the process and the boys had to set up their tents on their own. Some boys had to help one another, but K didn’t need any help he had his tent set up before anyone else. That night after dinner, and listening to horrific camp songs and bad guitar playing, K lay in his tent thinking of mom and sadly old lard ass her boyfriend. Millie was providing some company for K while he finally drifted into sleep, having wild dreams in the night.

          It had rained all night and the ground of course was wet and soggy. Breakfast went fast , primarily because there wasn’t much to eat Kaden was excited about the day and became equally happy when the sun final came out and started to dry up the ground. The main counselor started to divide the boys up into groups with a counselor as their guide of course, K was happy with his group, he knew most of the boys from school and Millie the smelly dog was owned by one of the boys, so she trotted along too. K’s group set out into the thick woods of the island for their new adventure.

          The woods were dark and damp K felt like he was in a creepy horror movie, just waiting for some un-godly monster to jump out at him. The group ventured deeper and deeper into the woods, the sun becoming more unnoticeable as they walked. Kaden couldn’t believe how dark it had become, and how tall the trees were. Their tops were like umbrellas all connecting together blocking out the sun and intensifying the feelings of fear. Kaden and the other boys marched through the woods, feeling anxious and excited, but eerily cold and scared at the same time. The group leader talked uncontrollably about what they were looking for and what to do when they found it K wasn’t paying any attention , the woods had him in complete awe so big and dark, but the main thing was how it had become cold in the middle of summer ?.  Millie was getting excited as well and it was becoming harder and harder to hold onto her leash……suddenly a rustling in the bushes made Millie run, it could have been a rabbit or a squirrel but whatever it was it sent Millie running and K along with her, eventually the leash pulled out of his hand , Millie was gone ! Kaden then noticed that the race that Millie took him on forced him away from the group and even deeper into the woods. Thoughts of fear and confusion swamped his mind K had no clue where he was and he knew he had to find a way back somehow. Totally forgetting about Millie, K had one thing on his mind getting back to the campsite and out of those creepy woods.

          After walking for what seemed like a year , K came upon a large cave which seemed to be dug into a large earthen hill, not a natural cave but almost man-made as if it was purposely dug in. K didn’t know why but he was drawn to the cave, it was as if an invisible arm was pulling him inside. Not understanding why but he slowly walked inside. The cave of course was dark and damp, like most caves but a funky nasty smell hung in the air and the deeper Kaden walked the nastier and disgusting the smell became. Eventually remembering his flashlight then clicking it on, K began to investigate further, since that’s what frontier adventure campers do anyway. Kaden continued to walk deeper and deeper inside realizing that the entrance was no longer visible, he felt no turning back and proceeded further into the dark. Realizing that now he was in a tunnel, fear and dread filled his mind and K almost began to cry, but knowing that crying would do no good he quickly regained his thoughts and went on hoping for an opening on the opposite side of the cave. Just then K tripped and began falling what seemed like dirt and rock covered stairs tumbling down unto the earth and finally thudding unto flat ground.

          Scarred, scared and bruised Kaden once more fought back the tears he got up and started walking again determined to find a way out! The underground cavern soon opened into an arena like setting round, with dirt like risers surrounding it, not like the riser in the gym at school those were made of wood. He couldn’t believe it but K soon realized that he was in an underground building, almost like a temple, close to the ones he had seen in books, there were weird words on the walls and eerily painted pictures on the walls as well. At the center there was an altar of the some sort with reddish brown stains all over it…..blood K thought, “that’s dried up blood” a surge of horror quickly filled his body, the thought of something bleeding and possibly dying on that alter was almost too much for his young brain to fathom but what K saw afterwards was the epitome of all the fear he could think of.

          A giant statue at least 20 feet tall with the head of a vulture and body of a man seemed to stare down at K fiery red eyes as red as hell stones were peering at him with hatred in there gaze. In one hand the statue held an axe in the other a spear, and upon its head a jewel and skull encrusted crown. The statue was dressed in what K thought were warrior clothing its feet were large and, its hands had long pointy fingers with black nails. Its alive thought K it must be alive! The gaze of the vulture man’s eyes sent emotions through K’s body that he never imagined existed, hate, despair, villainy and destruction. Kaden took a step to the right than the left and thought that the eyes of the vulture man wee following him ,  “impossible “thought K they must be stones or jewels made to look like eyes. Kaden turned around to get a better look at the place, noticing skulls and bones scattered everywhere, now finally knowing that this was a place of evil K wanted out and out fast!!

          Running in the direction he had come, K sensed the smell of rain, and if he smelled rain that meant another opening!! immediately after that thought K heard a sloshing swishing sound coming from a giant hole a few feet away from him that he had never noticed before and to his horror a gigantic slim ridden worm came slowly up and out of the hole, its thousand and one eyes all on K as if he were lunch, “tentacles” screamed Kaden “it has tentacles!!”  The worm’s tentacle were flailing about dispersing slime everywhere. Dodging the slime fall and running for his life Kaden while watching the worm ran right into the vulture man’s statue and hitting what seemed to be a secret lever of some sort that opened a small door next to the right leg of the statue running for the door, Kaden heard the creature scream a cry of misery and pain, K knew somehow that the creature was angry that he was getting away “it wants to eat me!!!!!!!!!!”  Running in the direction of the rain smell K noticed light and he knew then that the nightmare would be over as soon as he could get to the light!

          Finally getting outside of the cave feeling the sunlight on his face and skin he felt an exhilarating happiness and joy. Covered in dirt and sweat K noticed the adventure campsite and all the campers along with Millie, “that damn dumb dog!” K thought.

          Copyright C.L REDDING 2013

The End

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