Cave of Manitou

Seventeen people survived the beginning of the last war, only to have to fight for their lives with unnatural predators.

Darcy fell to her knees. "Oh God no," she sobbed, staring at the broken glass of the hypodermic needle. This was the last of the insulin, and young Jessie needed a shot, now.

All five of the men were outside the bomb silo looking to kill another raptor, or find the raptor's nest. With only four women left, it was imperative that the bird's be destroyed.

When the war started there were seventeen people soaking in hot mud in the Cave of Manitou. The explosions set off earthquakes which resulted in sealing off the cave they were in. It took them weeks to dig their way out, all the while subsisting off the canteen type vending machines and the the hot water that seeped through the underground rock. Had they know what awaited them outside they may have remained in the cave.

Rebecka was the first female to exit the cave from the tiny tunnel they had excavated. "It's wonderful out here," she called back into the tunnel. And then they heard her scream. The tunnel wasn't large enough for a man yet, so Sharon cautiously crawled into the tunnel. She stuck her head out from the tunnel, looking for Rebecka. "There is blood everywhere," she yelled, scooting backward into the cave.

After several more hours of digging, the tunnel was large enough for Earl Letheur to crawl through. From the mouth of the tunnel, he determined that the tunnel opened onto a rock ledge the size of a double car garage. Sharon was correct, there was blood everywhere, but also, it appeared,a small pile of snow.

Earl slowly crawled out onto the ledge, and stood. The vista spread out before him left him breathless. A raging river forked below him, going around him on either side. This area never had had a river before.

Suddenly a roar, ending with a screech, nearly caused him to fall over the side. With a shadow enveloping the ledge Earl looked up. There, flying above him, was the biggest bird he'd ever seen. The wingspan was easily 20 feet from tip to tip.  It was carrying something in it's mighty talons, then it dropped it's prey.

The splat of the body on the ledge, sounded like a watermelon hitting a sidewalk. Almost unrecognizable was the body of Rebecka. The back of her head was broken open and her skull was empty. But the terror didn't stop there, it appeared she had also been raped.     

The End

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