Faces from the Bar

Karen tried groggily to remember what had gotten her to this place.  She was more frightened than she had ever been in her life.  She tried desperately to think of how the nightmare had ended in her dreams but nothing came to her fear stricken mind.

Suddenly the car stopped.  Karen's heart raced as she heard the sound of footsteps coming towards the trunk.  Keys jangled and the lock turned,  Karen froze in fear as she recognized the face looking down upon her.

Earlier in the evening there had been one particular bar patron that had made her quite nervous all evening.  He had perused her in such a manner that she had felt uncomfortable in his presence every time she was forced to serve him another drink.  And there certainly was no shortage of drinks coming his way.  However, although she had been uncomfortable she had not feared him.  Now she wished that she had thought more carefully before refusing Paul's offer. 

Looking down at her was that same patron.  Somewhere in her subconscious she wondered why she had been chosen to be his prey. She feared she would not have to wander for very long what was in store for her. 

The man reached into the trunk and grabbed her arm.  Karen started screaming before she realized that her mouth was gagged and noise would not be possible.  She heard his hysterical laughter as he reached for her.


The End

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